Compass Box releases whisky to celebrate Chicago bar

compass box delilah's XXV

Compass Box whisky maker John Glaser has created a new limited edition with the owner of Chicago’s legendary punk rock whisky bar Delilah’s.

After their first blend released in 2013, John has worked with Mike Miller to come up with Delilah’s XXV to celebrate the bar’s upcoming 25th anniversary in August.

The new blend is based around a parcel of the original Compass Box Delilah’s blend which was aged for a further five years in American oak and combined with a malt whisky aged in ex-sherry casks, also made of American oak, to complement the rich vanilla and toffee character.

Mike said: “The first release was special to us as it brought together two passionate communities with a lot in common, so we’re really excited to be able to do that again and share this next release with the world.”

The 2013 whisky was created by the Scottish distillery as a twist on a more traditional scotch, suitable for sipping neat and for serving as a shot with a great beer – how whisky is enjoyed at Delilah’s.

The original recipe combined single malt and single grain whiskies aged in a mix of experimental new American oak barrels, which gave it a pronounced sweetness.

While most of it was bottled for 2013’s limited edition, John returned a small parcel of the blend to casks for further maturation.

The final blend is a characterful whisky with notes of vanilla and spice, and rich sherry wine character reminiscent of dried fruits and baking spices.

John said: “Compass Box and Delilah’s share an ethos about doing things you love and on your terms. This is what brought Mike and me together years ago and it’s why our continued collaboration is so much fun and so gratifying.”

Bottled at 46% ABV, a total of 8,520 bottles of Delilah’s XXV has been released worldwide, launching first in Europe and then in the USA. In the UK, it is distributed by Cask Liquid Marketing. It has a recommended price in retail of £100 per bottle.

Tasting notes from Compass Box
Nose: Dried fruits, baking spices and light sherry wine character
Taste: Soft and rich, with a complex sweetness in the form of vanilla and spice
Finish: Fresh green fruits and cream

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