Conker Gets in the Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Dorset’s first gin distillery – Conker Spirit – have taken a giant leap into the ‘Low & No’ category with the launch of their very own premium distilled non-alcoholic spirit called BOWSER.  

Once again leading the way in spirit innovation, Conker are one of the first craft gin brands to move into the ‘Low & No’ market with BOWSER now available through UK distributor Love Drinks ahead of DryJanuary.  

BOWSER LEAF is available immediately to the ONtrade in a 70cl bottle with a cost price to the trade of approx £11.65 plus VAT.    

BOWSER – LEAF- 100% Distilled, 0% Spirit 

The first of three flavour profiles due to launch under the BOWSER umbrella in 2021, LEAF is a unique botanical blend offering all the complexities of a premium gin, without the alcohol.  Five carefully selected botanicals – Patchouli, Mint, Basil, Tarragon and Thyme – combine to create a multi-dimensional, herbaceous, ‘green’ tasting experience. 

Spicy and woody at first, quickly giving way to bundles of green leaves, a little anise and cool mint, before a burst of fresh pea sweetness succumbs to savoury dryness and a soft round finish. 

Rupert Holloway, Founder and Head Conkerer, said: 

“We wanted to bring the same fastidious quality and drinking experience that we offer through our full-strength Conker products to those seeking a soft option. Unlike many of the others on the market and in line with our other products, BOWSER contains no extracts, artificial flavours, sugar or sweetener.  As always, the success of this products is down to the method.  Distilled in copper pot stills using New Forest Spring Water, each botanical is distilled separately and blended carefully to create a well-balanced, complex final product that has a moreish mouthfeel and that vital fresh dryness.” 

Samantha Burke, Managing Director of Love Drinks, said: 

“When it comes to British innovation, craft and quality in the spirit sector, no one really gets close to Conker.  2020 has seen the launch of a Decaf Coffee Liqueur, a Gin & Juice RTD and hand sanitiser – Sanitise – but this latest launch may just beat them all.  The Conker team have obviously been keeping their ears to the ground and putting in the research as BOWSER LEAF delivers bold, bright and complex flavours that can only be derived from distillation of fresh botanicals.  I think it will become a huge player in the non-alcoholic spirit sector. It’s certainly one to watch in 2021!” 

For serves, Conker recommends trying 50ml of BOWSER LEAF with Indian tonic water and a sprig of mint or for a low alcohol martini, try 60ml BOWSER LEAF with 20ml dry vermouth and give it a stir.  

For more information, visit or follow on Facebook: @ConkerSpirit, Twitter – @ConkerSpirit or Instagram @conkerspirit  

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