Copalli releases cocoa-infused rum

Copalli Cacao Rum

Belizean rum brand Copalli has launched a limited edition cocoa-flavoured expression.

Copalli Cacao is sustainably produced at the Copal Tree Distillery, situated in the heart of 20,000 acres of tropical rainforest in Southern Belize, using four ingredients – non-GMO heirloom sugar cane, yeast, cacao nibs grown and freshly roasted at the distillery and pure rainforest canopy water from the surrounding jungles.

The single estate rum is said to have an intense nose of dark chocolate, with notes of ripe berries, leading to a rich, well-balanced cacao flavour.

According to its makers, the spirit is best enjoyed straight, on the rocks or in cocktails such as a Cacao Espresso Martini (recipe below).

Jon Welch of Copalli Rum said: “Copalli Cacao is based on our award-winning Copalli White Rum, naturally infused with proprietary, organic cacao and cut with soft rainforest canopy water.

“The fresh and fruity cane-juice rum works in perfect harmony with sumptuous dark chocolate notes. We think the results are pretty special and we can’t wait to share this unique release with rum lovers and bartenders alike.”

Only 2,000 bottles of Copalli Cacao have been created from the estate’s 2020 cacao harvest. The new flavoured rum joins Copalli White Rum and Copalli Barrel Rested, which made their debut in 2019.

Cacao Espresso Martini
40ml Copalli Cacao
15ml of Sugar syrup
20ml Coffee liqueur
20ml Espresso
Add all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake. Fine-strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans or chocolate shavings.

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