Country Range taps into Americana and barbecue dining

Country Range Gourmet Aberdeen Angus Burger

Leading independent foodservice brand Country Range has launched barbecued pulled pork and two gourmet burgers to tap into the trend of Americana dining and barbecuing.

Country Range Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce offers marinated, slow-cooked good-quality Irish pulled pork in a sticky barbecue sauce which needs only defrosting and reheating.

It can be served on top of a burger in a brioche bun but also as a filling in wraps, jacket potatoes or the on-trend Mexican carnitas or tacos.

The Country Range Gourmet Steak Burger is a tender, rustic-looking burger, packed with natural flavour and succulence. It has a 99% meat content and can be cooked from frozen in just 18 minutes.

Country Range Aberdeen Angus Burger (pictured) is made with high-quality Aberdeen Angus beef and has a distinctive marbling and texture making it incredibly juicy and flavoursome.

The barbecue pulled pork is available in 1kg catering packs in cases of four while the burgers come in 170g servings in packs of 30. All three products are suitable for coeliacs, nut allergy sufferers and those with lactose intolerant diets. They are available frozen from wholesalers.

Martin Ward, trading director of Country Range Group, said: “We’re thrilled to be adding to our frozen meat range with these incredibly well made, on-trend products. The excitement for authentic US food and drink is showing no signs of letting up so we’re confident operators and caterers alike will appreciate their premium taste, high quality and convenience the trio offer.”

Country Range is a leading independent foodservice brand and now offers over 850 products, all developed exclusively for professional caterers, covering grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food.

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