Courvoisier releases luxury limited-edition expressions


Four luxury limited-edition expressions for Courvoisier cognac have been introduced, with blends featuring spirit dating back to the 19th century.

The collection has been crafted by Courvoisier master blender Patrice Pinet but, due to the age of the spirits used, represent the skill and expertise of the master blenders who preceded him. He has drawn on the rarest and most treasured cognacs stored deep beneath the Courvoisier Château in the centuries-old Paradis cellar.

Courvoisier Réserve 1978 has been aged for 35 years after being selected for the Paradis cellar by Jean-Marc Olivier, Courvoisier’s previous master blender. Only 10 bottles are available, with a vintage Courvoisier bottle design from the start of the 20th century, and are recommended for sale at £1,100 in retail.

Courvoisier Heritage De Louis Renard is blended from exceptionally rare Paradis cellar cognacs dating from 1869 to 1914, which were matured by Louis Renard, Courvoisier’s first master blender of the 20th century.

Patrice has blended the cognacs around the 1893 vintage for balance, richness and depth. Only 50 Baccarat crystal decanters will be available, recommended for sale at £7,500 each.

L’Esprit de Joséphine is a blend of rare aged cognacs, some dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and others from the 19th century, which were used to supply the court of Napoleon III, grandson and admirer of the first French Empress, Joséphine de Beauharnais.

Patrice has blended this expression to pay homage to Joséphine and her famed rose garden by developing a cognac with fine floral fragrances enriched with a batch of old Borderies. It is limited to eight Lalique decanters, each engraved with a “J”, recommended for sale at £9,715.

For the Courvoisier Tribute Borderies, consumers purchase one of five hand-blown demi-johns from the Paradis cellar which are then decanted into 43 bespoke 70cl bottles. The buyers will also receive an immersion into the brand including a stay at the Couvoisier chateau in Jarnac, a visit to the Paradis cellar and an exclusive dinner with Patrice followed by a guided tasting of Tribute Borderies.

Courvoisier Tribute Borderies is blended from the eaux-de-vie of just one Borderies estate. The cognac was matured in fine French Limousin oak casks since the early 1960s and, after spending up to 50 years in the oak, was transferred into the demi-johns in 2009. With ABV of 46.5%, the demi-johns are recommended for sale at £51,600 each.

Maxxium UK’s marketing controller for luxury brands, Chris Anderson, said: “This is a remarkable time for Courvoisier. These new expressions strongly reinforce Courvoisier’s number-one position in the UK marketplace as a luxury brand that is at the forefront of innovation.

“Courvoisier is a storied cognac and, with the release of these limited-edition cognacs, the heritage and creative expertise that is involved with producing Courvoisier can be told through the rich aromatic liquid our master blender Patrice Pinet has been able to achieve.”

Tasting notes from Patrice Pinet

Courvoisier Réserve 1978
Colour: Amber, golden
Aroma: Prune and cocoa mingle gently with notes of forest undergrowth with an intense vanilla finish
Taste: The richness of ripe fruits, figs, is expressed with a pleasant spicy note
Finish: Soft finish offering endless aromatic persistence

Courvoisier Heritage De Louis Renard
Colour: Mahogany
Aroma: Subtle aromas of cigar and cedar wood with a touch of black pepper spiciness associated with chocolate and dried fruit notes
Taste: The velvety enveloping flavour of rich chocolate cake, vanilla and almonds creates an unrivalled richness and infinite complexity
Finish: Harmonious, disting

L’Esprit de Joséphine
Colour: Mahogany
Aroma: Complex aromas of old Port, cinnamon, almond with a sensual flavour of heady flowers
Taste: Citrus and toast mingle with honey and almonds to delight the palate. Sensual, velvety, elegant and smooth
Finish: Long lasting finish offering endless persistence

Courvoisier Tribute Borderies
Colour: Amber, golden
Aroma: Very floral aroma of fresh iris flower and violet with a great complexity brought by cedar wood and cigar leaf note
Taste: The sweet floral notes are softened by complex flavours of liquorice and a luxurious combination of dried fruits and spices
Finish: Sumptuous finish that seems to go on forever

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