Crabbie’s goes beyond ginger roots with lemonade

Crabbies Cloudy LemonadeThe company behind the successful Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beers is extending the brand with the launch of Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade.

Drinks manufacturer Halewood International today announced it was releasing the new product, crafted using natural lemons, which comes in a 330ml bottle format at four per cent ABV.

Crabbie’s Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade has been added to the brand’s portfolio to be enjoyed in different occasions to the alcoholic ginger beers and to appeal to new young consumers who may not have been attracted to the Crabbie’s range.

It is being released exclusively to the on-trade this month, recommended for drinking ice cold from the bottle. Halewood cited consumer insight that suggests drinking straight from the bottle is returning to popularity in the on-trade for fruit ciders and lagers as an alternative to over ice.

Research commissioned by Halewood International from Buzzz found that 81 per cent of respondents said they would be very likely to buy when presented with the concept of cloudy alcoholic lemonade.

During taste tests with the same group, it emerged that Crabbie’s Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade appealed strongly to people aged 22 to 35 who did not drink Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer and that it also suited higher-energy occasions such as nights out.

Richard Clark, director of innovation at Halewood International, said: “The launch of Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade represents a fresh approach for the Crabbie’s brand which is looking to pioneer new forms of refreshment.

“Consumer research indicated a real demand for this product, and our consumers expect the Crabbie’s brand to be daring and bold whilst retaining traditional and quality cues, such as with the launches of Crabbie’s Raspberry and Strawberry and Lime.”

The launch also follows the introduction of Crabbie’s Raspberry and Crabbie’s Strawberry and Lime Ginger Beers, which have been well-received in both the on- and off-trade.

The brand will be supported through TV, trade and consumer press, engagement through the Crabbie’s Facebook page, and with a range of point-of-sale materials for the on-trade, including menu stands, posters and bar mats.

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