Craft Cocktail Co launches new bottled cocktail range

Craft Cocktail Co has introduced six new bottled cocktail expressions to the bottled cocktail market.

The new range has been created by owner of the London Cocktail Club bar group, JJ Goodman, in a bid to make expertly crafted cocktails available to everyone at anytime and at an affordable price.

Renowned mixologist JJ Goodman said: “We love enjoying the talent and skill seen in drinks produced by the best bars and restaurants the nation has to offer; but what if you could enjoy that same experience outside of those arenas without limitations?

“Craft Cocktail Co is produced by some of the industry’s greatest bartenders to make this possible; to make fantastic craft cocktails ultimately accessible. I have a dream… that one day the world will be full of beautiful drinks!”

Established in 2015, Craft Cocktail Co was originally a bar and workshop in east London, but due to demand for a larger production scale, this year the company moved to a bigger workshop in Shoreditch.

In Drinks International’s prestigious Pre-Mixed Cocktail Challenge 2017, Craft Cocktail Co’s new range proudly received three awards in the Pre-mixed Classic Cocktails with a Twist category. The Reggae Rum Punch was awarded Silver medal, while the Elderflower Garden Party and the Foxy Ginger Mule each took away Bronze medals.

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