Crafty Nectar introduces ‘craft-sourced’ ciders

Crafty Cider bottles and cans

Online craft cider subscription service Crafty Nectar has announced the launch of its new No7 and No8 ‘craft-sourced’ ciders.

With the aim to move away from sugary and artificial ciders, Crafty Nectar founders Ed and James set out to create ‘craft sourced’ products by asking their subscribers what they want in the ultimate craft cider.

Packaged in vibrant bottles or cans, designed by UK artists, Crafty Nectar No7 Craft Cider and Crafty Nectar No8 Rhubarb Craft Cider, have been “born from the flavour profile of thousands of cider drinkers”.

Crafty Nectar No7, is a vegan-friendly and gluten-free sparkling craft apple cider, while Crafty Nectar No8 Rhubarb Craft Cider is “a sweet and sour cider with a tart edge”. The Yorkshire sourced rhubarb is said to provide a “tangy taste with just the right amount of sweet flavours and aromas”.

Crafty Nectar co-founder Ed Calvert said: “The whole idea behind our No7 and No8 releases was to give the people what they want.

“Cider drinkers today don’t want to be let down with sugary, artificial cider. People are focused on quality, they care about what goes into their drink and how it’s made.

“At Crafty we’ve took note and through collaboration have created two ciders that are truly selective, creative and amazing.”

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