Creating the perfect sound-space with new Ecophon website

Creating the perfect acoustic environment can be a challenge but acoustic specialist Ecophon is on a mission to help restaurant, cafe and bar owners dramatically improve their customer experience. The company’s new website, ThatSoundsBetter, features its stylish range of, next day delivery, decorative sound absorbing panels that fix easily onto walls and ceilings, as well as vast resources of acoustic advice.

The negative effects of poor acoustics in a restaurant, cafe or bar situation can be incredibly detrimental to the reputation of the company and reduce the return rate of customers. People choose to eat out for an experience which they cannot create at home and therefore expect not only great food but also comfort whilst eating. Excessive background noise can be stressful, making it difficult to hear and frustrating to talk – not just for customers but staff too. This can create a space that drives customers away, rather than one that is a pleasure to be in. 

Ecophon’s website

Thankfully Ecophon’s new website provides guidance on what is needed to minimise noise as well as providing access to the company’s products via a no-nonsense online shop. That Sounds Better helps business owners to overcome their acoustic challenges in a simple but aesthetically pleasing way, offering a variety of sound absorbing solutions in various colours and installation options, such as ceilings and walls. 

Commenting on the launch of the new website, Will Jones, Marketing Manager at Ecophon said: “We want you to be heard – but not for the unwelcome noise in your restaurant, café or bar, which is why we’ve launched our ThatSoundsBetter website.

“Acoustic issues are often caused by sound reflecting from hard surfaces without any sound absorption within a space. This is a reoccurring problem we see within this industry due to the new trends of visible kitchens, industrial style restaurants and overall lack of sound absorbing surfaces. We want to demystify the world of acoustics and help hospitality owners to improve the customer experience acoustically and enhance the working environment for waiting staff at the same time.

“Ideally a combination of Solo and Akusto should be used in high noise areas to absorb sound rather than letting it build up to excess within the space creating an unenjoyable experience. You would not leave the food experience to chance, nor ignore the visuals of your dining space, so why not optimise the acoustic as well?

“With busy business owners in mind, the website has been designed to bring our experience and quality products direct to restaurant, café and bar owners in a smooth online purchasing experience as well as offering support to help clarify any difficult questions.”

The easy-to-use website features acoustic ceiling and wall panels from Ecophon’s stylish Solo and Akusto ranges including a choice of fixings that can be ordered simply, delivered quickly and installed easily by the owners or contractors using the simple instructions, video and installation guides available. For those not sure what to install, there is plenty of useful advice, guidance and inspiration from the tried and tested acoustic solutions used in hundreds of projects across the UK and Ireland. 

To find out more about creating your perfect hospitality experience visit:

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