Cucumber soft drinks range adds premium mixer

Qcumber Premium Mixer

A new premium mixer is to be added to the range of cucumber-flavoured Qcumber soft drinks.

Available in 200ml crown-cap bottles, Qcumber Premium Mixer has a higher carbonation level than the brand’s established soft drink variants, making it suitable for serving with gin or vodka.

It was developed to build on the momentum of Qcumber’s existing products being used by consumers and bars as mixers, such as the G&Q – gin and Qcumber.

Created from natural cucumber essence and spring water, all Qcumber products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free from artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives and flavourings. The new Qcumber Premium Mixer is lower in calories than direct competitor products.

The new product is to be launched in October, followed by an extensive sampling campaign in November to build awareness and gain trial.

Graham Carr-Smith, creator of the cucumber-flavoured drinks brand, said: “The last few years have seen a growth in high-end mixers to complement the trend towards premium spirits.

“We already know that consumers think our cucumber-flavoured products are perfect for making long mixed drinks with so we’re expecting big things from our new Qcumber Premium Mixer.

“The G&Q is already established as a contemporary interpretation of the classic gin and tonic combination, and our new premium mixer will build on this popularity.

“Consumers are becoming more and more experimental and are always looking for new flavour experiences. We’re sure they’ll agree that new Qcumber Premium Mixer is possibly the best thing that ever happened to gin.”

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