‘Cult’ Italian aperitif introduced to UK

A “cult” drink from Italy, made by blending wine with herbs, is being introduced into the UK through importer Laško Beer UK.

Originale De Martin Sprizzerò, which is already popular in mainland Europe, is made according to a 1934 recipe developed by Edoardo De Martin, blending top-quality Italian wine, aromatic herbs and natural flavourings.

Originally called Sprizzerol, the light sparkling aperitif was relaunched last year as Sprizzerò, packaged in a gold and orange can.

It is promoted for mixing with a herb liqueur, or mixed with white wine or prosecco and a shot of soda water, or as an aperitif in a large glass with ice, a slice of orange and a sprig of mint. It is also drunk straight from the chilled can using a straw.

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