Daiquiri Week delights

In celebration of Daiquiri Week, Bar Magazine had the pleasure of joining Ron Santiago de Cuba on a Bar Safari to three London cocktail bars, in which we experienced all that authentic Cuban rum has to offer.

There is no doubt that the daiquiri is among the most well-loved and well-recognised classic cocktails around the world, which places even more importance on the use of quality authentic Cuban Rum. Ron Santiago de Cuba is traditionally recognised as the highest expression of Cuban rum-making tradition from the South-East of the island, so it is not only the perfect choice for a daiquiri, but it also shares geographical history with its place of birth, in Daiquiri itself.

The rum category is continuing to grow, particularly in the premium and craft variations, with more consumers becoming curious about the spirit and all that is has to offer. Ron Santiago de Cuba is at the centre of this trend, offering a range of quality and authentic Cuban rums, which embody the history and expertise of the Cuban rum-making tradition.

Tommy Cole, Ron Santiago de Cuba Ambassador, explains: “Cuban rum, known for its rich history and traditional production methods, is influencing the growing rum trend. Its heritage and unique flavour profiles have captivated consumers, influencing a broader appreciation for traditional rum-making techniques, and sparking a renewed interest in the category as a whole. This is no truer than when looking at our own Ron Santiago de Cuba, produced in the ‘Cradle of Light Rum,’ dating back to 1862.

“Cuban rum, renowned for its refined artisanry and distinctly rich profile, has influenced the trend towards a smoother and more balanced finish, such as those found in the South-East, known as the Oriente region of the island, the home of our rum, Ron Santiago de Cuba”, Tommy adds.

In celebration of Daiquiri Day, Ron Santiago de Cuba hosted a ‘Bar Safari’, in which we journeyed to three iconic London bars: Alma Bar, Nightjar and Coya. Each bar created their very own daiquiri with a twist, using Ron Santiago de Cuba as a catalyst for their unique and exciting serves. The final creations were simply exceptional.

From a twist on a classic rum and coke, to Caribbean-inspired serves, Ron Santiago de Cuba provides an endless world of possibilities for bartenders in their rum creations. In this special New Creations feature, we provide a little inspiration for your venue’s daiquiris. 

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