Dalston’s revamps and expands craft soft drinks range

Dalston's soft drinks

The makers of Dalston’s Cola have launched three new flavours and unveiled a bold new look for the whole range.

The premium craft soft drinks brand has added Fizzy Elderflower, using wild-harvested British elderflower, and a vibrant Cherryade crafted with Morello sweet and sour cherries.

The third innovation is a new, more crisp and fiery blend of its original Ginger Beer. Available in 330ml cans, all three are blended with British spring water and a balanced amount of beet sugar to suit an adult taste profile.

Dalston’s has revamped its packaging with a more striking design to reflect what the firm calls the “punchy” flavours and actual colours of the drinks themselves. Its cans are now fully coloured for maximum impact, with hand-drawn illustrations to reflect an honest approach to ingredients.

Dalston’s managing director Dan Broughton said: “Combined with our significantly increased production capacity, this brilliant new trio will help us keep up with the huge consumer demand for better soft drinks.

“They also continue our commitment to real change in this market – avoiding artificial sweeteners, never compromising on taste and always using ‘real’ ingredients. Whether its Nigerian kola nuts or Sicilian blood orange extract, we’re only interested in the best that’s out there.

“In the same way that craft beer has exploded in popularity over the past few years, we’re now witnessing a sustained rise in demand for more honest, additive-free and better-tasting soft drinks.

“Also, as consumers are embracing alcohol-free alternatives at home and on nights out, they’re looking for more exciting soft drinks than the usual sugar-heavy suspects.”

Dalston’s approach to sugar has seen it more relaxed than other producers about the new sugar levy on soft drinks with 5g or more of sugar per 100ml. All of its flavours come in below the 8g per 100ml that triggers an even higher levy, with each drink containing 6.5g to 7.2g of beet sugar per 100ml. This is because Dalston’s decided not to mess with its recipes and use artificial sweeteners.

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