Dandelion and Burdock served in a can

National favourite, Dandelion and Burdock, has just been given a complete makeover and will now be available in a can.

The new format gives the traditional British favourite a modern twist in a more convenient, non-glass serve and sees Hoopers enter into the Ready to Drink (RTD) category, which appeals to a more mature consumer looking for a new way to enjoy alcohol.

With three-quarters of Hooper’s main consumer base aged 23 years and above, the brand has capitalised on this insight, launching a stylish sleek can format. The newly created 250ml can has a beautiful glossy finish and has been designed especially to stand out on the shelf. It also highlights the provenance of its ingredients, including hand-picked English dandelions and burdock thistle roots.

Justin Horsman, Marketing Controller at Hooper’s said: “We’re really pleased with the development of our new can serve for Dandelion and Burdock, which is a national favourite. It means our consumers can now enjoy it at a variety of social events including typical British outdoor drinking occasions such as picnics, BBQs and festivals, all of which represent the brand perfectly.”

Hooper’s is a range of sparkling alcoholic fruit brews, which were first launched by William Hooper, one of the original British drinks pioneers, in 1817. Today’s range is gluten free, uses traditional British recipes and all natural flavours to create a more modern and refined RTD with true British heritage.

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