Danish craft brewer expands Polar Monkeys range in UK

Polar Monkeys IPA Chairman

Denmark’s Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Company has released an American-style IPA as part of its Polar Monkeys range in the UK.

Chairman IPA delivers a refreshing taste complemented by a hoppy aroma. It has a deep reddish colour and the richness of malty hops and caramel, finished with the fresh tart notes of grapefruit. At 6% ABV, it is available in 330ml bottles and 20-litre kegs.

Thanks to its hoppy flavour and fruity aftertaste, it goes well with spicy cuisine and other exotic dishes. It is recommended for serving between 6C and 8C.

Anders Kissmeyer, head of craft beer creation and brewmaster at Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Company, said: “A standout American-style IPA, this beer delivers a pleasant hoppy taste, cut with a summery hit of tart grapefruit for a wonderfully balanced drink that we’re expecting to become a big hit this season.

“Polar Monkeys is a uniquely enjoyable range of craft beers. Simple, yet packed full of flavour and aroma, each beer offers something different, appealing to the distinctive style of the individual drinker.

“Ideal for those intrigued by the mysterious world of craft beer, Polar Monkeys are easy-drinking, session brews, taking drinkers on a journey through the wonders of craft lager, IPA and ale.”

It follows the introduction of Polar Monkeys’ Blue Collar Amber Lager to the UK earlier this year. The Nordic-inspired beers are produced by Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Company in Odense.

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