Dare to Go Dark!

Florian Thireau, Director of Mixology at The Peninsula London, shares five trendy, dark spirit based serves that should be on your venue’s menu!


A personal recipe, created in 2021 at the Cheval Blanc Hotel in Paris, it is the masculine version of the Perfect Lady, and borrows the aromatic framework of Remember the Maine, which appeared in 1939 in the book The Gentleman’s Companion: Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask by Charles H. Baker – an amazing twist on the whisky sour!

Ingredients: Absinthe Pernod (0,63 ml), Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur (10 ml), rich sugar syrup (10 ml), fresh lemon juice (25 ml), fresh egg white (25 ml), Four Roses Small Bourbon Whisky Batch (40 ml) and orange zest.

Charlie Chaplin

An easy sell, combining layers of plum and apricot for a sour and velvety combination. Named after Charles Spencer Chaplin, also known as Charlie Chaplin, it was created at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York before the 1920s.

Ingredients: Fresh egg white (25 ml), fresh lemon juice (25 ml), Briottet apricot liqueur (25 ml), Elephant sloe gin (25 ml), lime zest.

East India

My all-time favourite, perfect for Manhattan lovers. Spirit-forward, with a touch a sweetness, offering nuances of pomegranate, sherry, orange, leather and spices. First published in 1882 in Harry Johnson’s Bartender’s Manual, the name pays homage to the famous East India Trading Company, a British company that dominated trade in the Indian Ocean region during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ingredients: Angostura Bitter (1.25 ml), Grenadine syrup (2.5 ml), Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur (5 ml), Triple sec Merlet (10 ml), Cognac Borderies VSOP Camus (40 ml), 1 Fabbri Amarena cherry (to garnish).

Fish House Punch

An approachable long drink combining cognac and peach – refreshing and delicate. One version states that it was created in Philadelphia, in the State in Schuylkill club established in 1732.

Ingredients: Briottet peach cream (10 ml), rich sugar syrup (10 ml), Borderies VSOP Camus Cognac (20 ml), El Dorado 5 year old rum (20 ml), fresh yellow lemon juice (25 ml), filtered water (40 ml), lemon half-slice (to garnish).

Mai Tai

Created in 1944 by Victor Jules Bergeron, alias “Trader ‘Vic’”, in his restaurant in Oakland, California. The name comes from his friend Carrie’s reaction when she exclaimed: “Mai tai-roa aé!,” meaning “The best in the world!” in Tahitian, after tasting the cocktail.

Ingredients: Angostura Bitter (0.63 ml), Briottet apricot liqueur (5 ml), fresh yellow lemon juice (10 ml), Merlet Triple Sec (10 ml), Orgeat syrup (15 ml), fresh lime juice (15 ml), Myers Original Dark Rum (25 ml), Plantation 3 Stars Rum (25 ml), half orange slice (to garnish), head of fresh spearmint (to garnish).

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