Dear Irving on Hudson Rooftop, United States.

Right in the centre of the city that never sleeps, Dear Irving on Hudson takes guests through four different eras with their décor, offering spectacular views of New York City from their rooftop.

The Big Apple is renowned for its glitz and glam, with the likes of Broadway and Times Square right at its heart, and their high-flying skyscrapers. If you’re looking for cityscape views while sipping on an old fashioned or two – Dear Irving on Hudson Rooftop is the answer.

Offering tourists, as well as locals, the opportunity to choose an era to dine in, with their intricately decorated rooms, Dear Irving on Hudson has a contagious enthusiasm that imprints on their guests and encourages them to explore more of the city (and their cocktail menu).

Speaking with Meaghan Dorman, Bar Director of Raines Law Room & Dear Irving, she digresses how Dear Irving stands out from the rest of the bar crowd in New York City.

What made you choose your location? What makes you different to other locations in the area?

“We had the opportunity to open Dear Irving on Hudson when a new hotel, the Aliz, was being constructed on 40th street in Time Square. They were looking for a local, established brand that would spark the interest of hotel guests but also NYC residents. We saw an opportunity to pair the amazing skyline views with creative drinks and stellar service”.

Talk us through your décor!

“The original location of Dear Irving (Gramercy) is meant to evoke a time-traveling escape. The decor is pulled from 4 eras, and lets guests see which era suits them best. We took that concept to midtown, where the 41st floor has an Art Deco decor aligned with Gramercy, and the 40th floor has a mod, James Bond feel that compliments the large windows and penthouse feel of being at the top of the hotel. It is meant to start with the guest’s visit and the feeling of beginning a new experience, building excitement for the drinks and time with friends/dates”.

What do you believe has helped you become a successful bar?

“We have a team that is passionate about service and making each evening special. At Dear Irving on Hudson, each service we have has guests that are making their first trip to NYC. We want to be a memory for them by serving unique cocktails, giving them an insider view of the city and where else they may want to go”.

 Do you think there is anything in particular that you have done which has helped you stand out from other bars?

“We have had a focus on NY state made spirits since opening, which is an extra level of New York we get to share with visitors. We are also well known for attentive service and being the best place to host friends/dates. Venues in Times Square had a bad reputation for being too touristy and poor quality, but we’ve been part of changing that perception”.

Do you have any particularly creative menu picks? 

“Right now we have a delicious riff on the Old Fashioned that is a big hit. Nomadic Old Fashioned: angostura bitters, chai honey, NY Distilling Ragtime Rye, Linie Aquavit”.

Do you believe your online presence has helped business?

“Yes, I do believe the combination of potential guests knowing we have beautiful views and thoughtful cocktails is a draw when they are deciding on where to go in Time Square”.

In today’s current climate, using outdoor space to its full potential has become more important than ever, so if you could tell us how you use yours that would also be fantastic!

“We have 4 balconies at Dear Irving on Hudson that face both north and south, and guests can see all the NYC highlights, such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. In a time when airflow and guests having space is essential, opening the 12-foot balcony doors is a great feeling and it has helped guests feel comfortable during a time of re-entry into public eating/drinking”.

What inspiration do you believe other bars around the world can take from your venue?

“We are thrilled to be part of the NYC cocktail community and showing spirits we love, and creative cocktails is what inspires the team. That genuine enthusiasm is contagious to guests and makes us stand out in a city where folks have so many options”.

Being able to provide guests with an option of tastes, through both their menu and style, Dear Irving have excelled in transforming their rooftop bar into something different that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on their visitors.

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