Deltic picks Captain Morgan as white rum partner

Captain Morgan White Rum

A partnership has been formed between Diageo’s new Captain Morgan White Rum and The Deltic Group, the UK’s largest nightclub operator.

It will be the official white rum partner for the group, which operates 59 venues around the UK, and includes a link-up with all Epik Presents student nights taking place throughout the year.

The white rum joined the Captain Morgan portfolio earlier this year, aiming to reinvigorate the style that has been in decline in contrast to rises in golden and spiced rums.

The new partnership aims to drive mass awareness of the brand among students, further raising the profile of rum as an “innovative, exciting and accessible” spirit for consumers.

Peter Bacon, national marketing manager at Deltic, said: “Choosing Captain Morgan White as our white rum partner was an obvious choice for the student nights. As a brand it has traditionally performed very well in our venues, particularly with student customers and it was the natural next step to grow our partnership with Diageo and offer students the best late-night experience out there.”

The launch of Captain Morgan White Rum was backed by a seven-figure media spend featuring a series of adverts that delivered the message that, “White rum has a New Captain”.

Claire McQuattie, head of Captain Morgan marketing for Western Europe, added: “Our new partnership with The Deltic Group is a perfect fit for Captain Morgan White Rum and forms part of the wider launch earlier this year to drive mass awareness and excitement for our new variant.

“It is a brilliant opportunity for Captain Morgan to further establish its portfolio with millennials.

“Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold has been growing rapidly over recent years and alongside Captain Morgan White Rum, we will continue to challenge the status quo within rums and re-ignite the white rum segment.”

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