Diageo celebrates Guinness for International Beer Day


With International Beer Day approaching on Friday 3 August, drinks group Diageo are celebrating the rise in Guinness sales.

In Diageo’s recent full year results which were announced last week, Guinness reported 5% net sales growth.

Mark Sandys, global head of beer, Baileys and Smirnoff, said: “It’s been a great year for Guinness, and we’ve seen some big trends driving growth in global beer.

“In emerging markets we see fast growth, urbanisation and demographic changes and in developed marks, we see an ongoing trend towards premiumisation – with consumers opting for beers that have more character and flavour.

“Guinness is well positioned to capitalise on these trends, with our large footprint in the fast growing markets of Africa and our unique position sitting between mainstream beer and craft.”

Charles Ireland, general manager for Great Britain, Ireland and France, added: “With more than 250 years of history, Guinness has a long and rich heritage yet is constantly innovating to produce fantastic beers to suit a range of tastes and occasions.

“We are proud to continue to perfect this iconic beer, which is enjoyed by millions around the world.”

Diageo has provided ten facts you may not know about Guinness:

1. There are 300,000,000 bubbles in every pint of Guinness.

2. The perfect pint of Guinness takes exactly 119.5 seconds to pour.

3. Guinness has many fans across Africa with Guinness Extra Foreign Stout very popular, while in the UK Guinness Draught is the number one choice.

4. On 31 December 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9000-year lease on a small, property at St James’s Gate and started to brew ale.

5. Guinness is actually ruby-red and not black as people often assume. This is due to the roasting of the malted barley which happens at exactly 232°C.

6. The creamy white head found on Guinness is created from the ‘initiation’ and ‘surging’ of bubbles of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas as the beer is poured. It is actually the nitrogen that causes the tight white creamy head.

7. Today Guinness is brewed all around the world, with Nigeria opening the first brewery outside of the UK and Ireland in 1963.

8. The top ten countries for Guinness by volume are: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Canada.

9. More than 20 world-class Guinness beers are currently in production including Guinness Draught, Golden Ale, Hop House 13 Lager, Guinness Rye Pale Ale and Guinness Original.

10. Guinness is brewed in 47 countries around the world and sold in over 120 countries.

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