Dinggly: Avoiding the over-sanitisation of social experiences

2020 will be remembered for many things. Whilst the growth of ordering and virtual queue apps may not be the most dramatic change we’ve experienced, they’ve no doubt found their raison d’être. They’re a great solution in many situations.

The cultural roots of social drinking and dining run deep. Every move diluting behavioural traditions risks weakening a brand experience. However, the circumstances dictate that something has to be done. Managing social distancing and the demands on staff are paramount.

Call-for-service buttons have seen huge growth since June. They allow customers to request service from their seats, with no excessive waving around, knowing they’ll be served promptly and fairly. Operators can ensure that all calls are attended and manage staff and workload. The normality of ordering from a menu is maintained whilst staff movement is directed and minimised.

Premium, modern call buttons look and feel great, allow branding, custom functions and work over WiFi. There are no radio range issues or lost calls if buttons are pressed simultaneously. Dinggly’s button calls go directly to your tablets or phones (or a Dinggly Wrist Pager) and the person attending automatically notifies others.

Collection and queuing apps have also seen expansive growth. Ding4Me, by Dinggly, allows customers to disperse away from a queue or collection point and get on with other things. It’s a traditional paper based system, with a ticket number handed to customers. They can scan this ticket to be notified when you’re ready on their phone, or just wait until you call out their number the typical way. It’s an inclusive queuing and collection system, accessible to everybody – those that want to engage with technology at that time, and those that would rather not.

To find out more about Dinggly’s call for service buttons and queue management solution, visit www.dinggly.com.

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