How could Dirty Den have been so dirty in 2017?

The answer is he probably couldn’t. He’d have been too busy updating his website, TV sports listings, replying to emails, answering enquiries, updating menus etc. Although saying that who knows what he’d be up to on Social Media in addition to watching skateboarding dogs.

Although in fairness, maybe Angie would be doing it instead, whatever “it” is. Either way the point is that pubs, bars and restaurants are more reliant on an increasingly bewildering array of techno baffling fads, must-haves and must-dos, it’s amazing most actually have time to serve any customers at all.

The thing is if you don’t manage all these “things” then you risk losing business as existing customers get poached away and new ones drive straight by and if you manage them wrong you could spend all your profits (and more) on individual services such as table booking, social media marketing, website hosting, email marketing etc.

Your website is the priority. 86% of new customers will look for you on Google first. So it makes sense that everything else is connected to your website. But that’s where the hassle starts. Does this scenario sound familiar: You update your website (assuming it is one that you can) then you update Facebook, then maybe Twitter. You use a 3rd party table booking system so you have to log into that to manage a booking enquiry, and then you’ve a pile of loyalty card applications to do something with. Then there is an email campaign you want to do on another 3rd party system but you’ve forgotten the login password, again.

Websites4pubs has the answer.
Since 2005, there’s been a small company, in a small town, in a real world, developing a system for pubs that solves most of these problems. And it’s ridiculously affordable.

With websites4pubs your website can update Facebook for you and Tweet your days’ events automatically. Table bookings are handled within the system which is great as you’ve just had a text message notifying you. Plus, that new customer has automatically been added to your built-in user database. Most people have registered themselves already on the website so the couple of feedback cards you’ve had are easily added to the system. You’ve decided to create a new loyalty scheme “Order 5 main courses and get a free pudding” and emailed a newsletter telling everyone about it, and the events you’ve got happening for the week ahead.

Job done. One login. One very powerful system. Now you can check out that amazing skateboarding dog video on Facebook.
Telephone 0115 7722 369
Contact: Steve Neale, proprietor

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