Disaronno launches aged blend of scotch and amaretto

Disaronno Riserva

A unique new liqueur blending scotch whisky and amaretto has been added to the Disaronno range in the UK.

The new limited-edition Disaronno Riserva is a combination of Disaronno and a blended whisky made from different Speyside malts which is then aged in ex-marsala barrels from the Cantine Floria winery in Marsala, Sicily.

The result is a sweet touch of spice softened by light hints of vanilla and almond, with luscious fruity overtones and a peppery finish, recalling dried fruit with a touch of madeira. It is recommended for serving neat or on the rocks.

It has been produced by Augusto Reina, chief executive of Italian liqueur producer Illva Saronno, who carefully selected the blend of single malts to complement his company’s amaretto.

The Disaronno Riserva bottle takes inspiration from Disaronno’s but with a cleaner and more refined outline, and comes packaged in a sleek black wooden case. Only 10,000 bottles will be produced worldwide.

Augusto said: “It’s a product that is deeply rooted in the company’s ethos; research and innovation have always been the guiding principles in managing the family business, and it is these exact values that have made this new product truly unique.

“To make the product distinctive, I decided to focus on how and where it was created. Being aged in the oak barrels, Cantine Florio brings it all back to the long-standing history of the company. It has all come full circle.”

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