Disaronno partners bartending lab Crucible to explore flavour

Disaronno Fizz

Disaronno has formed a partnership with creative bartending lab Crucible to use the latest cocktail techniques to explore flavour.

Disaronno brand ambassador Rod Eslamieh has been working with Stu Bale, director of Crucible, and leading bartender Geoff Robinson on ways to enhance the perception of Disaronno’s versatility of flavours.

It is part of the brand’s ongoing celebration of bartending’s “Mixing Stars”, who include Stu Bale. He is taking part in a series of masterclasses throughout the year with Rod.

The latest event was held on Monday at Italian restaurant Sartoria in Mayfair in London which presented new ways of layering the flavours of Disaronno using equipment available at Crucible. Rod has used contemporary cocktail-making techniques to take Disaronno out of the traditional digestif sphere and into the modern age of mixing.

The four serves featured included Orange Wine, made with butter-washed Disaronno, malic acid, verjus, salt and fizz, and Sleeping with the Fishes, with ultrasonic-anchovy Disaronno, dry sherry, acidified pineapple and mint.

Ronno de Esso combined Disaronno, Barolo Chinato, Cocchi Americano Rosa, wine tannin and balsamic vinegar, while Sweet Thing featured a Disaronno gelato with Tia Maria espresso and toasted black cumin.

Rod said: “We all know the classic flavours of Disaronno in cocktails such as the Disaronno Sour. Through this partnership with Crucible and as part of Disaronno’s commitment to explore the constantly evolving world of mixology, we have the opportunity to showcase how versatile and unexpected the much-loved Italian liqueur can be, to an audience of some of the industry’s most credible minds.”

For more information on Disaronno’s next masterclasses at Crucible, visit www.crucible-london.com.

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