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Kärcher explains the cleaning power of steam, and questions why more businesses haven’t yet switched on to the benefits

Steam cleaners can be used to quickly and hygienically clean countless areas completely without chemicals, making them truly all-purpose. Suitable for hard floors and surfaces – such as bar tops, tiles and glass, toilet and kitchen areas as well as around fiddly fixtures and fittings like shelves and optics – they can also refresh and smooth textiles.

Steam products can truly give your premises a clean bill of health – the Kärcher SG 4/4 Steam Cleaner and SGV 6/5 and SGV 8/5 Steam Generating Vacuums are all certified to disinfect, killing 99.999% of bacteria without chemicals†.

Steam Generating Vacuums combine a steam cleaner with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner in one, meaning germs and bacteria are immediately extracted together with the condensed water in the same pass. The Kärcher SGV 8/5 has been specifically designed to meet strict hygiene requirements, with its unique automatic self-cleaning action; after each use hoses, pumps and pipes can be automatically flushed to remove deposits and prevent germ formation – clean and ready for action, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Generating pressurised steam at up to 8 bar pressure, they feature on the government’s Water Efficient Technologies List*, making them time, environmentally and cost efficient as well as a health-conscious alternative for users, particularly beneficial to staff with sensitive skin and/or allergies.

To find out how Kärcher steam can make a difference to the appearance, resource efficiency, productivity, hygiene and cleanliness of your business, contact us to book a free site survey: call 01295 752142, email or visit

karcher steam

* Kärcher Steam Cleaners and Steam Generating Vacuums are so water efficient that they feature on the government’s Water Efficient Technologies List, enabling businesses to claim Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) i.e. 100% tax relief on machine purchases:

† Accordant to prEN 16615, PVC floor, Test-germ: Enterococcus hirae ATCC 10541
SG 4/4 (Floor nozzle with lamellae, 30 cm/sec., steam pressure maximum, VapoHydro minimum)
SGV 6/5 & SGV 8/5 (floor nozzle, 30 cm/sec.,1.steam, 2.stem vacuum, level 3)

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