Don Julio ultra-premium tequila comes to UK

Don-Julio-1942An ultra-premium expression of Don Julio tequila is being introduced in the UK by Diageo GB to meet growing interest in luxury releases of the spirit.

Don Julio 1942 commemorates the year that the distillery’s late founder Don Julio González began making tequila in Los Altos in Jalisco, Mexico.

Made with prime blue agave, it has been aged for at least two-and-a-half years in American white oak barrels. It is made with the distillate in the distillery’s Pot Still 6, which produces only three barrels per cycle.

The result is a silky, smooth character that coats the palate with roasted agave flavours, vanilla and spiced undertones.

Master distiller Enrique de Colsa said: “Tequila Don Julio 1942 has become one of our most talked about and fastest-growing tequilas, and we are looking forward to sharing it with our European consumers.

“As the current master distiller, I am honoured to carry on the meticulous standards set into place by Don Julio González now more than 70 years ago, so that they can experience the same complex, exotic and smooth flavours found in Don Julio 1942 that consumers have been accustomed to enjoying.”

The limited-edition tequila comes in an amber-coloured elongated glass bottle intricately designed after the agave leaf. It is recommended for drinking neat in a snifter glass.

Andrea Sengara, global director of Tequila Don Julio, said: “Tequila is one of the fastest-growing categories in the spirits industry and consumers are learning to appreciate and understand the wonderful complexities in this luxurious spirit.

“Don Julio is growing fast in Western Europe and we are excited to introduce 1942 since we believe they will appreciate this full-bodied liquid with its rich oak and vanilla essences.”

Tequila Don Julio 1942 will be positioned for high-end nightclubs, bars, restaurants and spirits retailers in the UK. It has a suggested retail price of £115 and will be available through Coe Vintners in a 70cl bottle.

Diageo has owned a 50 per cent stake in the premium Don Julio tequila brand since 2003. In June, it will end its 16-year partnership to distribute Jose Cuervo tequila.

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