Don’t Bottle It!

Meet Cano Water, the revolutionary drinks brand saving the planet.

Please introduce us to the brand and where the idea came from?

In 2014, after seeing the devastating effects of plastic pollution in Thailand, our Founders, Josh, Ariel and Perry came together to imagine a better solution than plastic bottles of water.

Spotting a lot of brands they knew from home, bottled water seemed to be the biggest culprit. That got the friends thinking and after a lot of research, they discovered that aluminium recycles forever and is the most recycled drinks container on earth, according to global figures from the International Aluminium Institute (AI). They were blown away by the stats and recognising the benefits of Aluminium packaging, they introduced the UK’s first canned water brand to the market, starting a journey powered by purpose and fuelled by authenticity and passion.

How can Cano Water elevate the client experience within a bar?

Combining a sustainable and convenient alternative to single use plastic, with an eye-catching design, Cano Water will offer your customers an option of water that is both refreshing and stylish. 

What makes Cano Water stand out from other refreshment options on the market?

Cano Water has never sold a plastic bottle and never will. With both resealable and ring pull options, packaged in sleek and minimalistic black and white cans, Cano Water stands out from the rest offering a premium feel. Sourced and filled directly at the foothills of the Austrian Alps, our water is pure and tastes incredible. Sealed from light and air, our still and sparkling natural spring water cans stay cooler and fresher for longer, ensuring freshness with every sip.

How can our readers work with you?

If you would like to stock our range, we work with a variety of wholesalers and we sell our range through Amazon. Please head to the below link for more information or email us at and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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