Don’t let POS solutions damage your image

Citizen CT-E351 in application

Bradley Collins, regional sales manager for UK, Ireland and South Africa at Citizen Systems Europe, explains why attention to detail in bar design also needs to include the devices keeping the business running

You can never underestimate the importance of image in the bar world. The look and feel of the setting is perhaps as critical as what is on the menu. It has the power to positively transform a business from ordinary to extraordinary, while attracting clientele – who can become a loyal following – looking to buy into that aesthetic.

Customers want to experience the “wow” factor when they walk through the door and as the word “Instagrammable” enters our dialects it becomes clear that image can be the difference between getting your bar noticed for all the right reasons and not. That is why it is not at all surprising that many businesses invest considerable time and money in achieving the look that they want their brand to be synonymous with.

Any bar interior designer worth their salt will tell you that the devil is in the detail and the success of even the grandest projects relies on some of the smallest elements – including those components that can sometimes go unnoticed. So when a firm is spending thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of pounds on design to create a distinguished look, why would it risk potentially compromising the aesthetic of the business by overlooking what could be deemed as minor elements in terms of design?

It really is not worth the risk and achieving a certain image needs to be a holistic process. POS systems and printers, for example, can have a dramatic influence on the finished look of a bar. Receipt printers, in particular, are central to the smooth running of hospitality businesses on a day-to-day basis, yet they can often be somewhat forgotten when designing a bar.

In addition, they are typically in full view of the public, meaning that they could have a direct impact on the perceptions of the business – customers expect a sophisticated, quality brand to be using equally sophisticated technology. As a result, it is vital to invest in POS printers that have been created with style in mind.

The CT-E351 from Citizen Systems Europe, for instance, features a unique and contemporary design and has been developed for users who value modern aesthetics. With a sleek, high-end luxury feel, the shape and styling of the device give a nod to the premium electronics and smart devices so often used in today’s hospitality sector. Meanwhile, its compact size means it fits seamlessly in small spaces and can sit flush alongside a cash drawer for clean, smooth lines.

This is not just a machine with a pretty face though, as it really does deliver in terms of providing outstanding reliability and optimum performance. Sophisticated bars demand devices that can keep up with the volume and flow of customers that are seen during peak times, so the CT-E351 offers rapid print speeds of 250mm per second to allow for efficient transactions and more effective queue management. This speed is remarkably faster than that which competing models are capable of and it is an important feature because customers that are not left waiting to be served are happy customers.

Equally, the ergonomic, top loading design means that receipt rolls can be quickly and simply “dropped in” – perfect for the fast paced bar environment – and maintenance is easy and tool-free. Other smart features include front-exit printing, meaning it can withstand drink spillages for a long service life, and it is mobile POS ready for simple integration with existing systems and hardware.

Meanwhile, as areas open to the public in a bar are often prioritised during design projects, those that are behind the scenes can sometimes become a little neglected. Nevertheless, how well the back of house functions has a direct impact on front of house operations and it should receive equal attention. That is why it is important to implement technologies that can help ensure the smooth running of the business wherever they are situated.

When it comes to printing in office and stock holding areas, what is needed is something that offers the same level of reliability and performance as in the bar area, while seamlessly continuing the look. Recognising this, Citizen developed its simple to use CL-E300 label printer with a compact, cubic design similar to that of the popular CT-E351. Combine these two printers in a bar setting and you have a stylish, modern and high performance end-to-end solution for both the front and back of house in the hospitality industry.

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