Double Dutch adds cranberry tonic for darker spirits

Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic

A cranberry tonic has been added to the range of mixers from Double Dutch Drinks, designed for combining with darker spirits.

Twin sisters Joyce and Raissa de Haas created Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic – their first flavoured tonic – because they saw a gap in the market for a new mixer for darker spirits such as cognac.

The quinine helps to cut through the traditional sweetness of the dark spirits, giving a perfect balance to the drink. It also contains a touch of ginger.

Joyce and Raissa said: “For dark spirits, the traditional mixers have been Coca-Cola, cranberry and ginger beer for the most part. We wanted to create a clear mixer that would complement dark spirits but wasn’t heavy or too sweet.

“Cranberry and ginger were the natural flavour profile. Cranberry is a natural choice adding sweetness to the drink and the hint of ginger adds a spicy kick and warmth that goes so well with these drinks.”

The drink can also be enjoyed without alcohol as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. It has no artificial sweeteners or sugars added and is still only 60 calories a bottle in keeping with the range.

The drink is made by distilling the essence from ginger and cranberry which is then turned into an oil. This is added to high-quality water sourced from Scotland with the quinine.

The flavours of the drink, along with the other flavours in their range, are based on flavour pairing techniques, which offers a technique to find the chemical components that specific spirits have in common with certain ingredients.

The essence is to combine different ingredients that share the same intrinsic properties to create unique and counter-intuitive flavour combinations.

These food-pairing techniques look at the enhancement of spirits as well as the enhancement of each others’ flavours within the double-flavoured soft drink itself.

The cranberry tonic joins the existing flavours of Pomegranate & Basil, Watermelon & Cucumber and the Indian Tonic and Slimline Tonic water. Double Dutch drinks are free from artificial flavours, sugars and sweeteners. They are all natural and under 60 calories per bottle.

The perfect serve recommended by Joyce and Raissa is The Cranberry Ember.

The Cranberry Ember
50ml Courvoisier cognac
175ml Double Dutch Tonic Cranberry Tonic
Pour together in a highball glass with ice cubes and garnish with a sweet pineapple slice (ideally a victoria pineapple).

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