Draught vodka ‘speeds serve and cuts wastage’

The first draught vodka has been introduced into the UK after trials in bars have shown it increases sales and reduces wastage.

The Vodka One font, launched by leading drinks company Hi-Spirits, delivers a certified measure of 25ml or 35ml at a perfectly chilled one degree Centigrade within one second. It is supported by built-in software that allows licensees to cross-reference with epos and manual stock takes.

Hi-Spirits chairman Jeremy Hill said:“The benefits are numerous and include zero product waste, fast serve speed, reduced packaging and in-built stock control software.”

Vodka One is crafted and five-times distilled in the US, and the dispense technology was developed by Texas-based dispense specialist Lancer.

Jeremy added:“Vodka One has been trialled at a well-known high- street operator and it’s been shown to dramatically reduce serve time to the customer, not least because it’s a single-handed operation, allowing mixers to be added at the same time. A lot of time, and often product, is wasted at the moment as staff switch over bottles of vodka on Optics.”

It comes in a five-litre PET container that weighs one-fiftieth of the equivalent number of bottles required to serve the same amount of vodka, making it more environmentally friendly.

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