Dressing to impress as a bartender

In the past, there was a tendency for many bar staff to simply blend in with the environment. However, in recent years things have changed in the bar industry. It’s a very competitive market and many bars do all that they can to stand out from the crowd.

This often means that they want their bartenders to stand out too. Sophistication is still often a mainstay of bartending wear. But, it’s often accompanied by a funky edge with a spark of personality.

The traditional bartender look

Of course, the traditional bartender look is still out there. Customers can walk into many city centre establishments and see a lineup of male and female bar staff who have a uniform look.

This look after consists of black trousers or skirt with a white shirt. There may also be the odd pair of braces thrown in. This is an easy look for a bartender to achieve. It simply means that they have to stock up on the same shirts and trousers, every time they shop for workwear.

However, having a uniform style, and being restricted by a shirt and dress trousers every day, may not be the most pleasant experience. The good news is that things are changing in many establishments. As we mentioned earlier, there is now room for individuality behind a lot of bars.

Making a mark with individual style

Bars that give their staff the opportunity to choose what they wear help to unleash the personality of their bartenders. Anyone who tends bar in one of these establishments gets the opportunity to show off who they really are. This helps to make the experience more interesting for customers, especially in many cocktail bars where serving can be turned into an experience.

Focussing on the brand

Enabling bartenders to dress to impress it’s all well and good. But, how do bars focus attention on their brand at the same time? This is an important factor in the survival of bars in a crowded market. They want people to recognise their brand and they want their bartenders to have the motivation of feeling part of a recognised team.

One of the best ways to make this happen is to choose an element of work wear that is the same for all bar staff. For instance, aprons from Chefworks.com are manufactured in a variety of different styles and designs to enable bars to choose the right match for their brand. Choosing this type of clothing element for bartenders, means that bars get to create a team ethic and reflect their brand. At the same time, bartenders can still dress in a way that impresses customers and reflects their own personality.

In summary

There has been a move away from the generic bartender look. More bars are enabling members of their bar team to wear clothing of their own choice. At the same time, establishments have the opportunity to reflect their brand by requiring bar staff to wear standard items, such as aprons, in addition to their own clothes.

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