Drinkers tour cocktail bars with ‘real-life’ babička

Bohemian Rhapsody at Loves Company

Drinkers are being taken on tours of east London bars by a “real-life” babička – Czech for witch or grandmother – in an initiative for Babička Vodka.

The first outing for Babička’s Bohemia took place this week, with drinkers enjoying Babička Vodka cocktails in Loves Company, Portside Parlour and Ninetyeight Bar & Lounge.

Participants also learned about the rich history and folklore of Bohemia – now the Czech Republic – and the babičkas of the former ruling Hapsburg dynasty. They also heard about the enhancing medicinal properties of the thujone found in wormwood – the key ingredient in Babička Vodka.

Each bar on the tour serves a bespoke Babička Vodka cocktail, crafted to complement the narrative. At the end, cocktail cards are given to the group alongside a Babička Vodka miniature so they can re-create the drinks at home.

Babička Vodka is a luxury wormwood vodka named after the 16th-century babičkas – elderly ladies with a penchant for witchcraft who sold health-giving potions made from herbs.

After the first date on December 3, the next tour is on December 10. Details at http://www.babickavodka.com/babickas-bohemia.

Bohemian Rhapsody at Loves Company (pictured)
50ml Babička Vodka
25ml Ambrosia (Sauvignon Blanc reduction/Aperol/Damiana)
3ml Absinthe
2 dashes gin barrel-aged orange bitters
Twists of grapefruit/lemon

The Maiden Tsar at Portside Parlour
50ml Babička Vodka
12 .5 ml of PortSide Lychee Shrub
12.5 ml of Becherovka
2.5 ml of Gomme
4 Dashes of Del Maguey Vida Mezcal
1 dash of Regan’s Orange Bitters

The Wormwood Scrumpy at Ninetyeight Bar
40ml Babička Vodka
25ml home made honey, lavender and worm wood vermouth
2 drops of lavender bitter
1 drop of orange bitter
50 ml of apple juice
Garnish: Dehydrated apple, lavender honey popcorn and lavender flower

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