Dry January is an opportunity, says Belvoir

Belvoir Lime & Soda

2020 will mark the seventh Dry January, which is now a firmly established campaign at the start of the new year. The trade has fought back with Try January, encouraging customers to try local beers, but overall the movement towards reducing alcohol consumption is gaining momentum.

However, it’s not a reason for doom and gloom – it’s an opportunity to embrace the plethora of artisanal soft drinks demanding a premium price, and experiment with non-alcoholic cocktails to entice people back into the bar. Belvoir Fruit Farms should play a major role in this experience.

Belvoir is a family-run business that has been making premium soft drinks for over 35 years. The team has the pedigree and know how, having made the first commercial elderflower cordial, leading the way for the artisanal soft drinks revolution we’re seeing today.

Since 1984 Belvoir has continually innovated with trend setting flavours and formats, including the introduction of the lightly sparkling ready to drink Pressés all made using natural ingredients and without artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

For customers looking for soft drinks over Dry January, Belvoir’s Pressés are the answer. With 16 in the range, including ‘lights’ containing 30% less sugar, there’s something for everyone.

The latest addition is Lime & Soda – a classic pub favourite but there are few, if any, premium lime offerings on the market, so Belvoir has filled that gap, hoping to drive category growth.

Belvoir’s Lime & Soda is made with 100% natural ingredients including freshly squeezed lime juice and a touch of lemon for a wonderfully refreshing, zingy taste.

Exceptionally light and lively with invigorating aromas and flavours, it’s an indulgent, instant take on the classic lime and soda, delicious on its own and ready to pour from one bottle, saving on serving time. Alternatively, if mixed with white rum, fresh mint leaves and ice, it makes the best no fuss Mojito ever.

That’s the beauty of Belvoir’s drinks – versatility! Stock them, and you’re not only assured of fabulous soft drinks for which people will pay a premium but they’re also great in no-ABV cocktails.

When Dry January’s over, add them to a cocktail or use as a simple mixer with spirits, instead of the usual tonics.

If you’re interested in stocking any of Belvoir’s Cordial or Pressé ranges, visit www.belvoirfruitfarms.co.uk or call 01476 870286.

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