Duo of organic craft rums from Belize land in the UK

Copalli Rum

Two organic single estate craft rums produced in the Belizean rainforest have launched in the UK under a new brand called Copalli.

Both spirits, which are sustainably produced at the ‘zero-impact’ Copal Tree Distillery in Belize, which is situated in the heart of 20,000 acres of tropical rainforest, combine three ingredients: rainforest canopy water, yeast and non-GMO heirloom sugar cane.

The first expression is a 42% ABV white rum, with notes of vanilla, coffee, grass, fresh berries and citrus. It is created using a combination of pot and column distillation. The finished liquid is then rested on stainless steel.

Copalli has also launched a barrel-rested variant, which has been aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels to create a “rich, sweet rum, displaying cola and leather on the nose with tasting notes including cinnamon, nutmeg and tobacco”.

With no artificial flavourings, added sugar or colouring, and using hand-cut sugar cane sourced from its neighbouring Copal Tree Farm, the terroir of Copalli’s Belizean birthplace is said to have a great impact on the final flavour profile of the rum.

Already gaining momentum in some of London’s best bars the organic, Copalli is available in a variety of serves at Quaglinos, The Gibson and Laki Kane.

Georgi Radev, creative director of Laki Kane, said: “Copalli Rum is a truly organic rum made in the middle of the Belizean rainforest using fresh sugar cane juice.

This really shows in the aroma and taste. When you open the bottle, the fresh cane aroma coming from it is just mesmerising. It really feels like you are there at the sugar cane fields in the rainforest.

“The taste is very delicate for Agricole rum. You taste the fresh sugar cane, with floral, fresh and fruity notes. This is absolutely perfect for a Daiquiri and a Mojito.

“It’s amazing for fruity tropical drinks, but you can also use it in classy cocktails like a Negroni and Martini.”

Copalli is exclusively imported to the UK by 10 Degrees C and is available through Master of Malt.

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