EauVation pioneers new sustainable water system


EauVation has unveiled a new sustainable system that automatically and simultaneously sterilises, fills and delivers freshly purified chilled still or sparkling water.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable filtered water systems, Eauvation has developed its new HydreauBar product so it is both versatile and environmentally friendly.

The system can be fully integrated into a kitchen and used across multiple applications where water is pivotal to the guest experience.

EauVation’s HydeauBar can also individually recognise bottles – filling each accordingly and fully complying with Weights & Measures Regulations. For example, a set of 108 EauVation bottles comes free with each station and can be personally branded to support signature marketing.

The HydreauBar boasts multiple environmental benefits; it is sustainably sourced, has a lower carbon footprint, uses less energy, provides zero transport and waste costs and offers 100% reusable bottles.

It has been assessed for its carbon footprint by Best Foot Forward, a report commissioned by The House of Commons. This independent assessment rated HydreauBar 95% lower in its carbon footprint than all bottled water brands.

Marketing manager Adam Lenton said: “The HydeauBar is so simple to use; the all-in-one unit has the bottle wash element and bottle filling element alongside each other working simultaneously, so there is no need to wash the bottles independently.

“EauVation’s HydreauBar takes away all the hassle, and saves both time and resource. Users simply need to invert the bottles and place within the sterilisation section, where a liquid is propelled into the bottle, eradicating microbial organisms on internal surfaces not achieved by washing alone, thereby completely removing all traces of any bacteria before re-filling them.

Made exclusively in the UK, the HydreauBar comes in free-standing and an under counter system and fits into any standard kitchen design.

Adam added: “We believe this system is set to revolutionise use of water in high volume establishments.

“The free-standing system has two wash and two refill elements and the under counter system has one wash and one refill element.

“Not only is it unique in the ability to sterilise and fill bottles simultaneously, but speed of delivery is impressive, with the free-standing system filling 6 bottles per minute – that’s 360 bottles per hour – and the under counter system delivering 100 bottles per hour.”

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