Eco-friendly pouches launched for Boxer gin and Element 29 vodka

boxer gin pouch

Identity Drinks Brands has launched a pouch system to offer on-trade customers an environmentally friendly way to refill bottles of Boxer gin and Element 29 vodka.

The Eco-Pouch has been developed by the brand’s owner Greenbox Drinks in response to feedback from customers about the desire for more sustainability. The pouches each contain 2.8 litres – enough to refill four 70cl bottles.

Identity Drinks Brands director Jaye Iwanowski said the Eco-Pouch followed a dramatic increase in interest in sustainability in bars over the past few years, such as the zero-waste approach of restaurants and bars such as the pop-up Trash Tiki.

“The Eco-Pouch is an absolute no brainer and coupled with the ever-increasing popularity in gin, we expect to see sales of Boxer gin fly. Boxer and Element 29 offer venues an exceptional-quality liquid, but for pouring prices when using the Eco-Pouch refill.”

Benefits of the new Eco-Pouch over glass bottles include less packaging, making it lighter and smaller, all helping to reduce transported weight.

By refilling existing bottles, there is a 100% energy saving on the carbon cost of producing a new bottle, which makes it three times more effective than recycling. Just one pouch saves nearly 4kwH of energy, which could power a flat-screen TV for two days.

A significant proportion of the cost of producing a bottle of spirit is producing the bottle. By avoiding this, products can be manufactured at lower cost which Identity Drinks Brands passes on to the customer.

The new Boxer gin refill Eco-Pouch is available now from all leading wholesalers, with Element 29 bag-in-box moving to pouches later in the summer.

Boxer Gin is made with organic bergamot peel from Calabria and juniper berries sourced from the high Himalayas. This extra dry balance is set against a traditional blend of aromatic spices, floral roots and zesty fruit peel.

Element 29 is a wheat vodka distilled in the Black County using high-quality grain from East Anglia, with the final distillation in an old copper pot still which naturally filters out impurities.

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