Edinburgh bar installs solera ageing for Negronis

campari barrel ageingThe Bon Vivant in Edinburgh has teamed up with Campari to launch the world’s first system for producing a solera-aged Negroni.

A series of oak barrels, engraved with the Italian brand’s name, has been installed at the bar, linked by pipes to create a continuous method to oak-age and mix the classic gin, vermouth and Campari cocktail.

The three ingredients are all held in the top oak barrels before filtering down to the brass tap which emits the aged and naturally blended Negroni, ready for serving in the glass.

Hugo Mills, UK country manager for Gruppo Campari, said: “This is a global first for Campari, and we’re delighted that the UK’s leading the way in presenting more creative ways to create and celebrate the Negroni.”

Hugo is pictured above at The Bon Vivant with Loris Contro, Italian spirits specialist at Catalyst Brands, distributor for Campari in the UK.

The Campari Solera Barrel Aged Negroni is available at The Bon Vivant in Thistle Street priced £8.50.

The solera system is an ageing process for “fractional” blending, usually used in rum, sherry, madeira, port, wine and beer.

It consists of a series of barrels arranged in rows. The liquid is introduced into the barrels on the top row and, at intervals of several months or a year, a quantity is drawn off and added to the barrels in the next row down.

This in turn displaces a similar quantity into a barrel or barrels below. The bottom barrels contain the oldest blend which is drawn off in fractions for bottling.

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