Edrington UK launches‘The Stillhouse Podcast’ – hosted by Becky Paskin

Conversations that discuss and unearth the opportunities of the dark spirits category with industry leading guests.

Edrington UK, the UK’s number one whisky and cognac supplier, will launch a podcast series – The Stillhouse Podcast – hosted by UK spirits expert, Becky Paskin. Featuring guest appearances from key figures at the heart of the drinks and hospitality industry, listeners can expect engaging conversations centred around the value and opportunities of the dark spirits category. 

Grounded in insight from Edrington UK’s 2025 Category Vision, the podcast will not only shine a light on the category but also aim to inspire growth through conversations around consumers, serves and occasions.

The Stillhouse Podcast will initially feature nine episodes based on the nine growth drivers identified in Edrington UK’s Category Vision. Each episode provides a forum for education and conversation around growing this category through more people, more often and for more. Whether this is through attracting new consumers, inspiring discovery and experimentation, or extending repertoires, each episode will unearth how and why key occasions and moments act as a driver of opportunity for dark spirits. The podcast will also provide digestible advice and tips from those at the coalface, to inspire businesses across the on- and off-trade.

The first two episodes in the series will be available from 22nd May and will welcome Jamie Campbell (Brugal UK Brand Ambassador) and Lauren Anderson – Smedley (Drinks Experience Trainer and Host from Waitrose & Partners),as well as Anna Sebastian (Hospitality Consultant)and David Miles (Senior Whisky Ambassador, Edrington UK).Becky will bring the experts together to discuss ‘On My Terms’, how to empower consumers to drink dark spirits however they like it, encouraging exploration and experimentation. Whereas ‘Me Moment’ is an episode all about how dark spirits can tap into consumer desires for smaller, more regular moments of indulgence.

Fiona Alder, Head of Portfolio and Planning at Edrington UK, says:

We’re excited to be launching The Stillhouse Podcast in partnership with Becky Paskin, who has a wealth of category knowledge and is passionate about making dark spirits accessible to all. At Edrington UK, we continue to invest heavily in understanding consumers, shoppers, and customers. Our aim is to support businesses across the on and off-trade to unlock the dark spirits category by showcasing the opportunities for incremental category value. As leaders in the dark spirit category, we wanted to be the ones to ignite and be at the centre of the dark spirit conversation; launching our Category Vision as a podcast series is the perfect format for this.”

Dark spirit expert and host of The Stillhouse Podcast, Becky Paskin says:

“Over recent years, we have seen consumers rapidly adapt to discover varied and new ways to enjoy dark spirits in and out-of-home and it’s time to take a deep dive into what’s driving this and how we can drive this further value.

“I’m delighted that Edrington UK asked me to host The Stillhouse Podcast – a platform, or home as you will, to shine a light on the category and create a welcoming space for real conversations with industry leaders.”

Insights shared in the podcast will be led by Edrington UK’s newly developed Category Vision – a framework grounded in insight from each consumption moment. It brings together the results from a bespoke ‘usage and attitudes’ consumer survey, combined with extensive research and insights from the UK’s leading dark spirits experts.

The first episode of The Stillhouse Podcast will be available to download from Spotify and Itunes and will go live on 22nd May. Follow @thestillhousepodcast to keep up to date with The Stillhouse Podcast and its upcoming episodes. 



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