Ei Group to help licensees tap into demand for pizza

Ei Group Barrel Top pizza

Ei Group is to help its licensees to tap into demand for pizzas with a new package that ranges from high-quality dough through to the equipment for cooking them.

It will be promoting the new “Barrel Top” pizza concept for bars and pubs throughout its estate at its eilive2018 series of trade shows that tour England from February 27.

The comprehensive package includes a range of different kitchen plans to fit the different requirements and restrictions of the diverse premises across the group’s estate of over 4,600 sites, including those currently with no food offering.

The company has sourced bespoke high-quality pre-rolled dough made to its specific requirements along with a range of other high-quality ingredients.

A suitable set-up will be recommended depending on the needs of each site, ranging from a full pizza kitchen with a high-capacity Cuppone oven to a compact table-top pizza oven.

Paul Farr, head of food at Ei Group, said: “We have focused on identifying key trends across the eating out market and supporting our publicans with simple offers that tap into them and drive sales. We’re confident Barrel Top can deliver tangible results for all our publicans.

“A great pizza is only as good as its ingredients, the oven and skills used to cook it, so we’ve brought in some fantastic products and created a range of different kitchen layouts and flows, to ensure the best quality and an easy-to-make product every time.

“Barrel Top will be an evolving offer, as we aim to take key learnings from our managed estate and share best practice with publicans across our wider portfolio, creating additional value across the entire business.”

Selected regional managers have undergone an internal training course to help them understand both the quality and simplicity of delivering this new menu and are now rolling out that experience to their wider teams as well as licensees. They will also offer ongoing advice and conduct quality control tests for sites in their respective areas.

As well as a space dedicated to Barrel Top, each of the five eilive2018 shows will offer advice on topics such as digital, marketing services, online ordering, property investment, recruitment and training.

They will also feature the new Molson Coors Food and Beer Theatre, where leading beer sommelier Annabel Smith will showcase the science of tasting beer and matching different food to beer styles.

The events run in Leeds on February 27, in Birmingham on March 1, in Manchester on March 6, in London on March 13 and Bristol on March 20.

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