Another year, another chance for UK’s bartenders to win a trip to Barcelona’s wildest party. El Bandarra, the rogue aperitivo from Barcelona, strikes back with “Bar to Barcelona – Spritz Edition ” A competition running from February to September in which  bartenders are invited to team up in pairs and create a Bandarra Spritz ,  using El Bandarra Al Fresco, which shows your bar/team know how to party.

The competition consists of 3 rounds: First, upload the spritz recipe, picture and team story at elbandarra.com/bar-to-barcelona, from which 30 finalists will be selected.

Next, El Bandarra will host 3 regional finals  to select the three with the tastiest and wildest approach to a Spritz . The final will take place in Barcelona, where El Bandarra will take the 3 regional teams on an all expenses paid trip to battle it out at the winery’s party and be crowned UK’s ultimate Bandarras.

So if you’re in for a challenge (and for a few free days in Barcelona), find a teammate, unleash your creativity and join the competition .  Entries close on Friday 31st March .  Get your sunscreen ready for Barcelona

About El Bandarra

The taste of Barcelona in a bottle, El Bandarra Aperitivo is a refreshing drink made with Spanish wines, Mediterranean botanicals and a touch of grapefruit that, when mixed with cava and a touch of soda, results in a surprising upgrade from the spritzes we’re all used to. 

The masterminds behind the brand are the twin brothers Alex and Albert Virgili, two restless spirits that have transformed their family 19th century winery with their revolutionary ideas, category-challenging products and one-of-a-kind events and parties.  

El Bandarra range includes El Bandarra Aperitivo and three vermouths: Rojo, Blanco and Rosé. Their iconic bottle design reflects a time when the bars of Barcelona hand painted the tapas they offered on their windows with colourful lettering to passers by. 


Instagram: @elbandarra_aperitivo

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