El Dorado issues challenge for twisted Swizzle

El Dorado 5yo Guyanese SwizzleBartenders are being challenged to invent a twist on a classic Swizzle drink for a chance to win a trip to Guyana in the Caribbean with rum brand El Dorado.

The annual Swizzle Competition, run by Love Drinks, requires them to mix the rum with “something sweet, something bitter, something sour and something non-alcoholic”.

With a deadline of May 20, 12 entrants will be selected to compete in each of five regional heats over the summer. Winners of the regional heats will compete for the prize in a UK final in London.

Those competing in the heats will be expected to promote their drink in their bar in the run-up to the competition and provide evidence of this through photos, videos and their presentation.

The competition and trip will be hosted by Stef Holt, El Dorado’s international brand ambassador. Email Stef at stefanie@theeldoradorum.com for entry details.

The Swizzle is an iconic iced drink popular worldwide, predating cocktails made in bars, and is most often made using rum, giving it a distinctive Caribbean history.

The name came from the way the drink was mixed rather than the ingredients themselves, originally rotating a special forked stick made from a root between the palms. The branch is said to be from either an allspice or quararibea turbinata tree which has an aromatic bark that would have given early Swizzles a spicy, aromatic flavour if rotated vigorously enough.

Last year’s Swizzle Competition was won by Alex Proudfoot of Raoul’s in Oxford with the Trigger Switch:

Trigger Switch by Alex Proudfoot

60ml El Dorado 8 Year Old Rum
25ml Red grapefruit juice
25ml Pineapple shrub
25ml Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Finish ale
1 dash of Angostura Bitters

Swizzle and serve with mint garnish.

Stef said: “The El Dorado 8 Year Old works especially well in the Swizzle as it’s young enough to deal with all the dilution that comes from swizzling but complex enough to bring a full rounded rummy flavour to the forefront.”

For more Swizzle cocktail ideas, visit Love Drink’s cocktail database at www.lovedrinks.com/cocktails/.

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