Elegantly Spirited introduces Strykk Not Aperitivo

Elegantly Spirited Ltd is launching Strykk Not Aperitivo this month, as it broadens its offering to satisfy consumers seeking a non-alc version of the Spritz, the popular light summer serve.

Strykk Not Aperitivo is the world’s first non-alcoholic apéritif to blend sweeter Prosecco-like notes with the sharper flavours of quassia, wormwood and bitter orange, designed to create the perfect spritz. This makes it a two-ingredient serve, avoiding the need to add a non-alc sparkling wine and so it is very simple to make – just pour over ice, add an equal measure of soda water and a slice of orange to make a delicious and refreshing Not Aperitivo Spritz. The serve is just 25 calories, five times less than the full strength alcoholic version.

Not Aperitivo (ABV <0.5%) is Strykk’s first product in the liqueurs category and extends its portfolio of four non-alc spirits, Not G*n, Not R*m, Not V*dka and Not Vanilla V*dka.

“Strykk Not Aperitivo represents a huge growth opportunity both for the grocery and on-trade markets,” says Elegantly Spirited CEO and founder of Strykk, Alex Carlton. “The Spritz moment is all about summer fun and people coming together for al fresco drinking. Strykk Not Aperitivo is a refreshing, vibrant and exciting serve and allows those who don’t want to drink alcohol to join in the ritual. People love the bittersweet citrus and botanical taste of aperitivos and with spring and summer round the corner, there will be huge interest from consumers looking for non-alc versions of one of their favourite lighter serves and Strykk Not Aperitivo Spritz is the perfect.solution.”

Spritz serves are the UK’s 8th most popular cocktail and 6th most popular globally*. Over 60% of consumers are drinking more no and low now than two years ago** and one in three consumers want to drink less or no alcohol in venues this year*.

The Strykk Not Aperitivo RRP is set at £12 to reflect the pricing of the liqueurs category and create good value for the consumer. Strykk Not Aperitivo is initially available through Ocado, Amazon, Strykk.com and Funkin.co.uk.

Alex Carlton says: “We are determined to democratise the category and believe it is our responsibility to set prices at a reasonable level making non-alc drinks within reach of everyday shoppers. This will allow the category to succeed and consumers to moderate alcohol consumption and enjoy a better lifestyle balance.”

FUNKIN COCKTAILS is Strykk’s exclusive UK distribution arm and cocktail partner.

Find out more at www.strykk.com

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