All the Spirit, None of the Alcohol

Elegantly Spirited Ltd is introducing stand-out new packaging and an updated brand identity for its innovative spirit alternative, STRYKK. The bold aesthetic has a fresh take on the brand and incorporates significant environmental and sustainable improvements.

From January, STRYKK’s four core spirits, NOT G*N, NOT V*DKA, NOT R*M and NOT VANILLA V*DKA  are to be presented in new, bespoke premium 70cl bottles, made using 40% less glass than before. The strapline, All the Spirit None of the Alcohol, is embossed on the side of the bottle and the brand’s asterisk on the base. The new look enhances shelf standout and includes a new logo and labels. The palate of colours for each product remains true to the cues of the respective alcohol category. The bottle neck has been lengthened for easier handling. All plastic elements on the bottle and packaging will be removed by March 2022.

“This update marks the next stage of our business growth, ensuring STRYKK has a solid and recognisable brand platform domestically and internationally and provides a clear path for development into a global brand,” says Elegantly Spirited CEO and STRYKK co-founder, Alex Carlton.

“The no and low movement is booming, as adults become increasingly aware of their health and wellbeing. New consumers are engaging in the category every day and the potential for growth is huge. As early innovators and leaders, we are working to create a forward-thinking, sustainable category which resonates with consumers and responds to the market. Quality and good value are paramount to keep consumers coming back, but environmental impact is also hugely important.”

STRYKK launched in 2018 with NOT G*N, NOT V*DKA and NOT R*M and this year introduced a fourth spirit, NOT VANILLA V*DKA which makes non-alcoholic alternatives for two of the most popular cocktails in the UK, Passionfruit Martini and Espresso Martini. Last year STRYKK also entered the RTD market with NOT R*M & COLA and NOT G*N & TONIC.

Alex says: “Consumers want balance and choice and are looking for dynamic and credible alternatives to alcohol. STRYKK products are part of a modern drinker’s repertoire and totally complementary to alcohol.”

FUNKIN COCKTAILS is STRYKK’s exclusive UK distribution arm and cocktail partner. Find out more at www.strykk.com

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