Elis has provided French-style restaurant operator, Bistrot Pierre, with new workwear that helps to communicate its core brand values. The company is also operating a workwear and linen laundry service for the restaurant’s 19 venues.

Elis sourced new chefs’ wear and front of house uniforms, including undertaking the bespoke embroidery of new denim aprons.

Bistrot Pierre marketing director, Arpita Anstey said: “Elis really understood our brand proposition and helped us source uniforms that reflect our French heritage and are uniquely ownable and great quality. We wanted uniforms that our team members would be proud to wear and that are comfortable, breathable and practical.  For front of house we selected a classic Breton striped T-shirt with a denim apron embroidered with our logo. Back of house,  the chef whites are of a superior cotton too.

“It was really important to the brand to have an embroidered logo on the front of house aprons. We are incredibly proud of our heritage and our brand logo, featuring 1994, the year our first Bistrot opened, is core to our brand visualisation. Elis did a brilliant job in replicating this on the uniforms using a copper thread.”

Elis supplied the workwear after undertaking an audit of usage across the sites, which led to Bistrot Pierre being able to make savings on the quantities being provided. The Elis mobilisation team then ensured that the change-over to the new uniforms went smoothly.  Arpita adds: The roll-out of the new uniforms across the business went really well, being undertaken in a timely manner and with ease.”

Elis is also undertaking the regular laundry of the workwear and linen, with its nationwide network of industrial laundries and delivery fleets collecting, laundering, maintaining and returning the items to the individual restaurants.

Elis uses the latest technology in all aspects of its service; the workwear and linen incorporate tiny radio frequency ID tags which help to deliver superior stock control and accountability, and the highest levels of reliability.

Arpita adds: “The Elis RFID tracking and ongoing monitoring of usage means we have greater stock and cost control and the service levels provided have been great, with good stock levels maintained and ease when ordering replenishment and new stock items.”

Craig Easton of Elis comments: “Elis can support businesses of all sizes; from one restaurant to hundreds, because of our comprehensive UK coverage and delivery network. The fact that we do not sub-contract any work, while owning our own delivery vehicles, helps us to ensure high levels of reliability.

“We provide an essential service that goes on behind the scenes, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best. Our nationwide capabilities and use of the latest technology and the best systems help to ensure that clients have the right support to meet their needs.”

The Elis laundries use advanced energy and water saving processes and the company has been recognised by the Carbon Trust for reductions in CO2 emissions and water usage.

Elis has been operating its workwear and linen supply and laundry service for over a hundred years. Its services also stretch beyond the UK, as part of a leading international provider of workwear and laundry services, operating in 28 countries.

For further information see uk.elis.com or telephone 0800 616691.

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