Emporia brings Italian vermouth range to UK

Riserva Carlo AlbertoDrinks company Emporia Brands has introduced a new range of hand-crafted Italian vermouths from Riserva Carlo Alberto into the UK.

Comprising a Bianco, Rosso and Extra Dry, the three vermouths are produced in Turin in the Piedmont region to original recipes made for the King of Savoy, Carlo Alberto, in the 19th century.

Only hand-picked herbs and natural spices are used, blended with high-quality DOC wines which are then lightly filtered to ensure the original scents and delicate flavours are faithfully preserved.

Emporia Brands reports that Riserva Carlo Alberto vermouths have proven a hit in taste tests with top bartenders around the UK.

They are already being used in cocktails at Skylon on London’s South Bank and at other top cocktail bars including The Lucky Liquor Co and The Bon Vivant in Edinburgh.

At Lucky Liquor, bar manager Robin Honhold has created Spring Break, containing Calle 23 reposado tequila, Carlo Alberto Bianco vermouth, mango and oregano shrub, and lime, plus a dried mango garnish.

His Bronx cocktail combines orange-flavoured Beefeater gin, Carlo Alberto Extra Dry vermouth, spiced orange cordial and citric acid.

At The Bon Vivant, bartender Will Cox created a light, delicate, aperitif-style cocktail called The Turin Shroud.

The Turin Shroud by Will Cox

45ml Carlo Alberto Extra Dry vermouth
15ml Kirsch
10ml Kümmel
5ml Grenadine

Stir all the ingredients with ice and garnish with a cherry and lemon zest.

Supplied in 75cl bottles at 18% ABV, all three vermouths are made with a blend of Erbaluce di Caluso wine and aromatic Muscat grapes.

Core botanicals include Achillea, bitter orange, sweet orange, absinthe, cardamom, gentian, lemon, marjoram, quassia, rhubarb and vanilla.

Ingredients added to the Bianco include star anise, cherry, raspberry, coriander, tarragon, tonka bean, mandarin, mint, nutmeg, wild rose and violet.

Additional botanicals in the Rosso include star anise, cherry, raspberry, coriander, tarragon, tonka bean, mandarin, mint, nutmeg, rose hips, dandelion and ginger.

For the Extra Dry, Riserva Carlo Alberto adds botanicals such as cinnamon, Cascarilla, cloves, sage, thyme, saffon and ginger.

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