Enhancing the Operator Experience

New addition to Nelson’s warewashing portfolio is a definite plus.

This year, Nelson Dish and Glasswashers celebrates a successful 45 years at the forefront of the UK’s warewashing industry.

To mark the occasion, Nelson has launched Speedwash Plus, a brand new range of energy efficient, competitively priced, under-counter glasswashers and dishwashers, enhanced by a number of features usually only associated with high end models.

Speedwash Plus comprises 4 machines – a 400 and 500 mm basket size (indisputably the most popular with customers) in both a glasswasher and dishwasher format.

Energy and water saving features include a shallow wash tank with a capacity of 8 litres for the smaller machines and 13 litres for the larger. All four machines draw just 3 litres of rinse water per cycle and, because the triple-level filter system effectively cleanses the rinse water, it is deployed within the subsequent wash cycle to further conserve resources. Meanwhile, the double skinned door helps retain internal heat while automatic detergent and rinse aid dispensers ensure the optimum amount is always used.

Speedwash Plus is designed to enhance the operator experience. The Soft Touch controls are self-explanatory and easy to use – even with wet hands. And, a gentle start to each of the 3 programmes, before full pressure is reached, allows even delicate glassware or dishware to be washed safely and securely. Also, the top and bottom wash and rinse arms ensure every part of the wash chamber is effectively accessed. The machines are self-cleaning too, minimising the need for staff time. 

Speedwash Plus comes with a standard, 2 year fully comprehensive warranty. Break tanks and drain pumps are built into all models as standard while integral water softeners can be included on request.


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