Enjoy the benefits of healthy cocktails

If you are having a dinner party or event, one thing you have to consider is the drinks and food. In terms of the food, there are various options that you can consider but having something healthy means that you can create the perfect drink no matter what the occasion.

For example, creating a drink such as a bloody Mary means that you can benefit from healthy tomato juice with a hit of vodka, which means you get the best of both worlds. These are drinks that are not only delicious but also packed with vitamins so you can get to most from your beverage.

What else can you drink

 There are various ways in which you can make you drinks more healthy when having a dinner party. For instance, you can create cocktails that are focused on fruit juice with some liquor added or you can focus on drinks that have fruit and other non-alcoholic extras. This could include thing such as cream and other cocktail extras that help to make the most of your drinks.

You also need to think about the occasion for the drinks. For instance, if you are celebrating St Valentine’s Day you need to think about what else you could put into your drinks to make them relevant yet more appealing. This could include candy hearts, candy confetti and cream amongst other things.

More and more people are now staying in rather than heading off on an expensive night out, and this has been proven through figures such as those released by takeaway firms, where profits have been soaring as a result of people ordering a takeaway rather than going out for meals. A rising number of people are now starting to realize the benefits of entertaining at home or spending nights in rather than out on the town, and it doesn’t have to involve being stuck in front of the box watching programs that you don’t even like!

In fact entertaining at home has become so popular that industry officials have come up with the phrase ‘in-tertaining’. One industry official said: ‘The recession has made people far savvier when it comes to saving money, and millions of us have worked out that in-tertaining is a great way to cut back without missing out. So much so that a whopping 57% of our monthly, paid for entertainment is now being consumed in our homes.’

If you enjoy going out to dine with friends then the perfect solution is to dine in your own home yet still enjoy the same company. You could look at creating a great dish for your friends and bring in a few bottles to go with the food, which will work out far cheaper than going out for a meal. Alternatively you can order a takeaway if you want something more casual, which again should work out much cheaper. You could even have a ‘bring a bottle’ type evening, where each of your friends brings a dish and a bottle, and you can enjoy a buffet style evening with evening mucking in with the cost and cooking.

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