Equipped to Excel

Why an equipment contingency plan is a requirement in hospitality in 2023 and beyond.

All hospitality venues would have experienced the sheer horror of opening up one day to find that a piece of equipment is not turning on, faulty or even worse, leaking. The ensuing panic that follows can turn what was a peaceful morning getting ready for the day into a frantic rush to save produce, contact suppliers or in the worse cases, having to close the establishment all together due to damage or safety.

Ensuring your business has an equipment contingency plan could not only save your product but ensure you don’t lose out on essential revenue in an already tough climate, that’s why here at Blizzard we ensure our customers understand our 3 simple tips to equipment contingency perfection!

Bigger isn’t always better

Just because you have space for two 3 door under counter bottle coolers doesn’t mean that’s the right choice for you! If one or both of these units break down you’re losing a huge amount of space and stock, opt instead for three 2 door bottle coolers, that will not only insure you have a back-up plan but when storage for all three isn’t needed you can turn one or more off to save on energy!

Preventative maintenance

No one likes spending money when they don’t need to, but let’s be honest, spending £50-£100 now rather than £500-£1000 later is a much better deal. Small things such as door gasket replacements as well as regular cleaning and servicing can minimise the chances of equipment breaking down and costing you more in the long run, is it really worth the risk?

Correct training and processes

The truth is, whether it’s an upright refrigerator, under counter bottle cooler or ice machine, training and internal processes will ensure that mistakes made that risk damaging the unit are minimised. Ensure to teach staff members the importance of closing doors correctly, following cleaning schedules and ensuring that units aren’t over stocked and risk over working the equipment.

It’s as simple as that, kind of… the best way to ensure your equipment is ready to deal with a hard working future is to buy reliable, high quality units in the first place and that’s why we offer 3 years warranty as standard on all Blizzard refrigeration as our way of showing our commitment to your businesses in the future!


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