Espíritu Corsa mezcal trio hit the UK market

Espíritu Corsa mezcals

Oaxaca-based family-run mezcal producer Espíritu Corsa has launched three premium expressions, which offer “something for every occasion”, in the UK.

The collection originates from a recipe developed in the 1920s, and is created using high-quality agave plants and a traditional, artisanal process at the brand’s own distillery, San Agustin Amatengo Palenque in Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz in Oaxaca.

The first spirit, Espirtu Lauro (40% ABV), is a “complex and sophisticated” mezcal blended from Espadin and wild Karwiniskii agave, whereas Santa Pedrera (46% ABV) offers a classic mezcal made from 100% Espadin agave. Making up the trio is Buen Bicho (38% ABV), a “softer, lighter and easily sippable spirit” that is designed for those that are new to the mezcal category.

Juan Cordova, founder of Espíritu Corsa said: “We are incredibly excited to be bringing Espíritu Corsa to the UK market. Whether you’re discovering this classic spirit for the first time or you’re an experienced mezcal drinker, our collection offers three distinct styles and flavours to suit every occasion.

“Our aim is to celebrate the authenticity of Mexican-made mezcals across the world, producing world class spirits and taking care of the whole process from start to finish to ensure traditions are respected, the finest natural ingredients are used and the final product is of the highest quality.”

James Bagley, CEO of DMD Operations, Espíritu Corsa’s UK distributor, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Espíritu Corsa to bring their award-winning trio of mezcal brands to the UK.

“Their collection of premium, artisanal products are a great addition to the UK’s booming mezcal market and offer something for everyone, from the agave aficionado to the first time mezcal sipper.”

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