Etiquette guide: rules of behaviour in bars

Customers at the bar

Following the ‘unwritten rules’ when out at a bar drinking with friends will make for a far more enjoyable experience.

Going out for the evening is an exciting occasion for everybody, especially if a trip to a bar or a casino is on the cards. However, there are some unwritten rules to follow when out at a bar drinking with friends, or when playing blackjack and slot games down at the local casino.

Make sure you get know the lingo and basic terms, so that you can order easily and more importantly, get the right drink. Plus, if visiting somewhere new or special, do not be afraid to ask if there are any drinks or cocktails that the venue is known for. Furthermore, you can ask the bartender what’s the most popular drink or local brews, as some to promote local/regional brands of cider, for example.

It could be described as deploying common sense when it comes to how to behave in bars. One of the most important things to remember is that there will be others there attempting to have a good time too, so everyone should be respectful of that. This means being friendly to everyone, not just the people in the group you’re with. Everyone want to enjoy themselves, but this doesn’t mean go out and be excessively loud or make a scene, it’s all about being mindful of yourself and others.

The same can be and should be applied if you’re visiting a casino too, as most casinos do serve drinks and attract visitors for that reason. There are a lot of games to get stuck into at a casino, with some seeing players play alone such as slots, while others will see groups of people huddled round a table, such as blackjack and roulette. With the latter, one of the first unwritten rules is that if you’re on the phone, step away from the table, don’t try and have a conversation on the phone while everyone is focusing on the game.

While some games at a casino are easy to pick up, others aren’t, so it’s important you know the basics before playing, especially table games like blackjack and poker. Otherwise, this can lead to mistakes being made and other people being left frustrated. It’s others that both bar and casino visitors should always be mindful of, with another example being to hold of sitting down at a table mid-game, and if you really must, ask the players at the table first, or simply wait until the cards are being shuffled.

Roulette, as mentioned above, is one of the main attractions at a casino as it’s exciting, fun and a great social game. So it is no surprise to these tables very crowded and space can be limited. This can at times be a problem when the dealer is about to spin the wheel. Rather than reach over others and cause mayhem, it is much better and polite to just ask the dealer to hang fire momently so everyone can get their bets on.

Other unwritten rules at a casino include don’t head to a table if you’re extremely intoxicated, as again this can lead to mistakes being made and other players at the table being left annoyed. Players should also refrain from touching their cards and their chips during play, as this can be classed as cheating in some instances, leading to real possibility of being asked to leave the venue.

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