Eve Bar, Chef Adam Handling MBE’s luxury zero-waste bar, has launched its brand-new menu ‘Adapt’. Using pioneering sustainability techniques, the new menu furthers the unique synergy between the bar and its Michelin-starred restaurant above, Frog by Adam Handling, to create cocktails, which minimise waste and maximise flavour. In Adam’s words, ‘Adapt’ is ‘a step beyond anything we’ve done before’.

The new menu builds on the previous menu, ‘Evolve’, to offer a playful take on nostalgic flavours, whilst celebrating seasonal ingredients from across the UK and utilising the by-products from the restaurant kitchen upstairs, which would otherwise be discarded. These processes have become so fundamental to the nature of Eve that the bar team have the freedom to experiment, create and, most aptly, adapt. It is their commitment to pushing the boundaries of mixology which, no doubt, led to Eve’s inclusion in the UK’s Top 50 Cocktail Bars 2023.

Crafted using sustainability practices such as distillation, clarification, infusion, carbonation, fermentation and freezing, the new menu proves that zero-waste can be luxurious too. Bar Manager, Alice Ford, has worked with Chef Adam and her team to create this selection of cocktails, sourcing inspiration from the new Spring menu at Frog, the complementing flavour combinations and Alice’s own passions and style of drinks.

Rhubarb & Custard is a playful take on the classic British boiled sweet, made using discarded rhubarb pulp from the ‘Rhubarb & Custard’ dessert upstairs at Frog and slow-cooking it in a blend of Boatyard vodka and Hendrick’s gin. The infused spirits are then mixed with Eve’s homemade custard cream soda and carbonated in the lab to create the perfect intricate, yet approachable, cocktail.

Connect the Scots is another innovative example, showcasing more much-loved flavours whilst harking back to the shared Scottish heritage of both Adam and Alice. Their take on the famous Tunnock’s teacake (a favourite from Adam’s childhood!), it uses the biscuit trim and waste chocolate from the pastry kitchen at Frog, it’s then fat-washed and infused with Singleton 12YO Whisky. Mixed with meadowsweet and Drambuie, this cocktail is the perfect blend of nostalgia and elegance.

What’s more, Adapt ensures inclusivity and now over 80% of the menu can be enjoyed in non-alcoholic form, allowing every guest to experience the temptation that awaits at Eve Bar.

Other menu highlights include:

Cherry Cola: Burnt Faith, Coca Cola Reduction, Amaro Montenegro, Clear Drop Rum, Falernum, Waste Cherry

From the Coast: Oyster Leaf Vodka, Cornish Lemon Sherbet, Everleaf Marine, Oyster Leaf Syrup, Saline

Jammy Dodger: Michter’s Sour Mash, Strawberry Top Cocchi Vermouth, Vanilla, Cacao

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